OTOYA for new and renewable energy


OTOYA Company is the sole agent in Egypt for major international European and Asian companies working in the field of new and renewable energy.

OTOYA aims to provide renewable energy and especially solar energy to Egyptian market by providing high quality products and provide various solar energy applications.

OTOYA provides solar water heaters, solar electricity production, solar air condition and various solar lighting systems in very competitive prices and high specifications.

In OTOYA customer gets The Power of Vertical Integration. OTOYA sell, engineer, design, install, commission and service every system with in-house employees. This means customers does business with a company that will stand by his/her 20-year solar investment while others will fade away. No outsourcing of labor or design, just one company managing the entire process, on time and on budget. This means customer will get the highest value system at the lowest price.

OTOYA provide different solar products from different suppliers (European supplier and Chinese supplier) based on the required budget and specs.



Put the renewable energy into the reach of everyone in the society.



To be a complete Renewable Energy Firm that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turn-key and low cost solar energy solutions.


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What do you know about Solar Energy?


OTOYA Products


Solar Air Conditioner


Energy saving 30-50%, Solar heat energy reduce the burden of compressor.

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Solar Heater


Solar heaters guarantee you the latest and the highest roads in summer and winter water heating

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Solar Water Pump


Generated solar water is perfectly clean water is contaminated and unfit for cultivation.

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